Sushi with Smoked Salmon

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  • 125 Smoked salmon
  • 1 piece Cucumber
  • 200 Sushi rice
  • water
  • Wasabi
  • ginger
  • flower
  1. Line a small square plate or dish with aluminum foil and brush oil over it

  2. Cut smoked salmon into thin slices and it lay on the half the bottom of the pan

  3. Spoon half of sushi rice on salmon and press firmly

  4. Rinse cucumber and cut into thin slices

  5. Arrange cucumber slices on rice, brush some wasabi on it, cover with remaining sushi rice and press firmly

  6. Cover with remaining salmon and press well again

  7. Cut salmon with a very sharp knife into 8 pieces

  8. Place all pieces gently on a plate and remove the foil

  9. To serve, carefully recut sushi once more and then arrange on a serving plate

  10. Garnish each with pickled ginger and chive blossoms

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