Rasgulla recipe

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  • 1 milk )
  • 2 lemon juice
  • 1 water
  • 1.5 cups )
  • 4 cups water
  • 3 pods
  • 5 teaspoon water )
  • 1 for garnishing)
  1. Making chenna for rasgulla Bring milk to a boil in a pot

  2. If using non-homogenized milk (milk from milkman), then keep the pot aside

  3. Wait for 5 mins

  4. If using homogenized milk from packets or cartons then reduce the flame to low

  5. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice & stir until the milk curdles

  6. If it doesn’t curdle, add more & stir

  7. When you see the milk curdled completely, Switch off the stove

  8. Rest for 2 mins

  9. Then pour cold water to the pot

  10. This will stop the chena from cooking further & keeps it soft

  11. Place a colander over a large bowl & line with a thin cloth

  12. Drain the curdled milk

  13. Rinse the chenna under running water to remove the acidic flavor

  14. Tie the cloth

  15. Squeeze it well to remove the excess whey as much as possible

  16. Hang it for 1 to 1½ hours

  17. Chenna should not have any excess whey

  18. It must be crumbly

  19. Making sugar syrup Add sugar, cardamoms & water to a wide pan or pot

  20. Make sure you use a wide pot good enough to hold all the rasgullas

  21. The balls will cook & almost double in size only if there is enough space in the pot

  22. Stir to dissolve the sugar

  23. Bring it to a boil

  24. How to make rasgulla Knead the chenna well to make it a smooth dough for 3 to 5 mins

  25. I do it just for 3 mins

  26. Do not over knead to the extent that the chenna turns greasy or soggy

  27. When you see the mixture turns uniformly smooth and no more grainy, then stop kneading

  28. Take small portions of this and roll to tiny balls

  29. They should be tiny and not big as they expand in size after boiling

  30. I made about 16

  31. Add rose water to the sugar syrup

  32. (optional)

  33. Bring the sugar syrup to a rolling boil on a medium flame

  34. Remove the cardamom pods

  35. Then add the balls one after the other gently

  36. Cover the pot immediately with a lid

  37. The syrup must be boiling steadily at a constant heat

  38. Cook on a medium flame for 9 to 10 mins

  39. The syrup must be bubbling & boiling steadily through out this time

  40. So adjust the heat as needed depending on the kind of pot & stove used

  41. After 5 mins gently stir the sugar syrup once with a skewer without touching the rasgullas

  42. Cover immediately

  43. This ensures even cooking and puffing

  44. During the cooking time if you feel the heat is too much reduce the heat slightly, but ensure it is still bubbling & boiling

  45. After 10 mins, remove the pot immediately from the stove to prevent rasgulla from cooking further

  46. Keep the lid closed always otherwise they will shrink or fall flat

  47. Do not open at least for 20 mins

  48. They double in size and also sink in syrup when cooked completely

  49. Allow rasgulla to rest and cool completely

  50. Serve them chilled

  51. If desired garnish with saffron

  52. Optional Once the rasgullas have rested for a while, taste the sugar syrup and check for sweetness

  53. If you prefer more sweeter rasgullas or syrup, then add ¼ cup sugar to a small pot

  54. With the help of a ladle transfer about 3/4 cup sugar syrup to the pot and make a sugar syrup

  55. Cool this and pour to the rasgulla pot or pan

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