Poori recipe | Puri recipe

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  • 1 cup flour )
  • )
  • oil )
  • )
  • salt )
  • oil )
  1. Making poori dough Mix together flour, salt, rava and oil in a large mixing bowl

  2. Pour ¼ cup water

  3. Begin to make a little stiff & tight dough, adding more water as needed

  4. (check video) Smear ½ tsp oil, knead lightly and smoothen the ball

  5. Do not knead it a lot otherwise poori will turn soft and absorb oil while frying

  6. Keep the dough covered all the time until the last poori is rolled

  7. Do not rest the dough for more than 3 to 5 minutes

  8. The longer it rests quicker the puffed puri will collapse

  9. They will turn oily after frying

  10. Divide the dough to 8 to 10 portions

  11. Avoid kneading them

  12. Smoothen all the balls by rolling them lightly in between your palms

  13. Keep them covered in the bowl

  14. How to make poori Drizzle a few drops of oil on the rolling area and spread it

  15. Smear oil over the dough ball & flatten it

  16. Begin to roll it evenly from the center to a round puri

  17. It should not be too thick or thin

  18. It must be moderately thick which helps the puri to puff

  19. Make 5 to 6 puris and set them aside

  20. Do not stack them

  21. Begin to heat the oil on a medium high flame and continue to make rest of the pooris

  22. Frying poori The oil has to be hot enough

  23. Check by dropping a small portion of dough to the pan

  24. It has to rise immediately without browning

  25. If it browns quickly then reduce the flame slightly and allow the temperature to come down

  26. Slide the puri carefully to the hot oil

  27. Do not disturb until it rises half way to the surface

  28. Quickly but gently begin to press down with a perforated ladle

  29. This helps the poori to puff well

  30. Once puri puffs, flip it carefully

  31. Fry on the other side as well until golden and crisp

  32. You can fry flipping too and fro once more until slightly crisp & to get the desired color – light golden to dark golden

  33. Remove the puri to a steel colander

  34. Fry the next poori the same way

  35. Make sure the oil is hot enough, but not smoking before frying the next puri

  36. Serve poori with potato curry, chutney or kurma

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