Mealbox – How does it work?

Mealbox is a service provided by ExpatMeal which includes selling ingredients for your daily meal based on Mealboxes you buy on our website. These mealboxes can be purchased as listed under “Mealbox” menu. There is no binding nor any subscription for these boxes, you just buy them as a product just like any other e-commerce business and if you need it again you can buy it again. You can create your account with us and save payment options so its easier for you to order again with your logins with us.

Mealbox are various recipes with ingredients for different diet practices.

  1. Vegan/Vegetarian noted as VV on the mealbbox you buy for example you choose mealbox from our Menu “Mealbox” >> “week 11″ >>”2 meals for week 25 ( 21.06 to 27.06) – VV” indicates you are buying 2 meals for one person for week 25 which starts from 21.06 with Vegan and or Vegetarian meals in it.
  2. If it is VV you get to choose 2 / 5 meals from 10 to 15 meals from the list provided under the “Description of the product”.
  3. If it says VVC which means Vegan and Vegetarian and Classic (with meat) meal options to choose from 15 to 20 recipes.
  4. you need to select which meal you want from the list and click “Add to basket”
  5. Once you do that your “Cart ” will be opened on a separate page
  6. Here you can increase the quantity as per the number of persons you need to order a particular mealbox.
  7. You can proceed to pay with a DK card, Visa Card, MobilePay, etc.
  8. Once payment is done we will deliver your Mealbox every Sunday.
  9. We deliver to Only in Aarhus Kommune with these pin codes : 8000, 8210, 8230, 8330, 8220, 8250, 8464, 8462, 8361, 8382, 8530, 8270, 8362, 8543, ,8520, 8340, 8320, 8300, 8240, 8245, 8471, 8660, 8541, 8355, 8381, 8310, 8380, 8260
  10. If any questions before ordering you can send an email to or call on +45 5222 8042.
  11. Any special request about delivery you can add that in the comment section during payment.
  12. For any allergy-related questions please contact us at


  • You can order a meal box before 23:00 on Saturday night to be delivered to you on Sunday.
  • Click All mealboxes, it will take to page with all mealboxes. Here you can apply filters such as 2 mals, 3 meals, week number, Vegan+ Vegetarian (VV) or Vegan+Vegetarian+Classic (VVC)
  • Then click particular mealbox you like to order it will open a new page
  • Select Meal 1,2,……so on from buttons. You can see all recipes in the description on this page. Choose meals you like to add to your mealbox.
  • Increase number to 2,3,4,5,….so on for a number of persons you want to order this meal box.
  • Click Add to basket, it will add to your cart, you can see it by clicking the View Cart button or a cart icon on the top right corner of the home page.
  • Please check the Quantity is correct ( this represents the number of persons).
  • Here you can apply a discount coupon if you have one. Enter your city and pin code. Then click the update button, you can choose delivery at home ( we deliver in Aarhus Kommune only). You can also choose to pick up, call for an arrangement.
  • Accept the terms of business.
  • Proceed to pay.
  • Then your first meal box is on its way – and we are already looking forward to delivering it!
  • Remember it’s not a subscription meal box, no binding, etc, so if you want it one more time then you have to order again every week.


  • Payment is very simple, you can pay with DK card, Master Card, MobilePay, if you are a business owner and want to pay with the invoice then contact us.
  • Remember it’s a one-time payment and it’s not a subscription. If you want to receive, mailboxes every week, you need to order it every week before the deadline.


  • We delivery every sunday between 10:00 to 21:00 just outside your door.
  • If you live in apartment, we request you to write door pin code in notes while you proceed for payment. You can send us email if you forgot it.
  • If you have few returnable boxes, please keep them outside your door we will pick them up.

After receipt

  • You will receive a print out of the recipe, you can also see all recipes on our recipe section as well.
  • You need to store all goods which need to be kept in Refrigerator / freezer if any.
  • If you have some questions and missing any items please contact us via, phone call or email.

Terms & Conditions

  • When you purchase our products, they are not returnable. However we can return the money if you received bad produce, for example, they are not usable, etc.
  • You must contact us regarding allergy-related questions.
  • You can cancel the order before Friday 23:00 if you have scheduled delivery on Sunday.