Meal Planner – How does it work?

Meal planner

Meal planner is a service provided by ExpatMeal to its customers which help customers to plan their meals and help to collect all ingredient list. Once you subscribe to our meal planner service you will be able to add meals to your plan and arrange them day basis in different category such as lunch , dinner etc.

Steps to Meal Planner

  1. Purchase meal planner subscription weekly/ monthly, no binding
  2. Search for your meal in the recipe menu then click to Add to planner
  3. Once you add all the meals in planner click on “My Meal Plan” it will appear like to this

Create meal plans

  1. You can create as much as plans you want like weekly meal plan, party meal plan , weekend meal plan so on.
  2. For example we have created weekly meal plan as follows

Add meal to your meal plan

  1. Once you create meal plan template, you can start adding meals by clicking Add item from our recipes or from your collected recipes.
  2. Few useful button self explanatory for example you would like to print you recipes list you can click on “Print Collection”.

Generate shopping list

  1. To generate shopping list click on “Shopping List” then it will generate a shopping list for you by separating category of ingredients such as Vegetables, Liquids, Spices & Herbs etc.
  2. You can print the shopping list to shop in your local store